Announcing All Things Gaul!

This year’s version of All Things Gaul (our public THATLou celebrating France’s national day, le 14 juillet) includes the recently opened  Arts et Deco departments in the Pavillon de l’Horloge. I’ve specifically made it so that all of the treasures in this section of the Sully wing are facing the loveliest courtyard I know of, the Cour Carrée. And just in case hunters are too consumed in fine French faience and tapestries from Gobelin to notice this exquisite view, I’ve stuck in a bonus question requesting a tourist-shot of it as it is sublime. As with all our themes, this hunt has to have a chief piece. And it’s that piece that I’ll showcase on the blog before our hunt. If there’s a King of the hunt (It does give me a chuckle to have a royal for the very theme that’s celebrating Bastille Day), perhaps I should nominate a Queen of the Hunt, too?  A lynch pin to other pieces of treasure, who can provide some juicy fodder for bonus questions about Paris, the Louvre, and well, All Things Gaul… Besides, of course, the hints I’ve been dropping here!

But this public hunt is also particularly close to me. It’s the first time I’ll be “presenting” (so French) the enormously capable lady who will be taking the helm of all of our French operations. My family and I have chosen the very smartest time to move to London (when they don’t want us!) to finally expand our treasure hunting wings to the British Museum (with the creation of THATBrit, to fall under the unifying umbrella of THATMuse! Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty says we have 2 years before the UK leaves the EU, we’ll see if we can do it in that time…).

And with this move, it means that I am leaving my baby, this luddique (“playful” in French, but also you see that root of ludicrous, no?) museum romp of a company, to Miss Annie Renn. Annie has been a THATLou Rep on and off since May 2015 and in this most recent stretch these past few months has weathered the changes of the Louvre wonderfully (they’ve changed their maps, somehow forgetting to include room numbers! The guards are furious). So after Miss Renn returns home to England to get married at the beginning of September, she (with hubby in tow, bien sur!) shall return to Paris to take the helm of THATLou, THATd’Or and THATRue.  Here’s a host-hunting shot of Annie describing the rules to Henry, an adoring hunter who picked up bonus points impersonating Michelangelo’s Dying Slave in contrapposto, thanks to Annie’s instructions.
Annie describing the THATLou rules to a little boy