British Museum THATMuse!

Norman Foster Great Hall in the British Museum
The sky’s the limit! Looking up at the British Museum’s Norman Foster Great Hall Big News!

THATLou is expanding to London museums in 2016, starting with the British Museum, under the name THATMuse, which stands for “Treasure Hunt at the Museum”

For our soft launch, the British Museum is hosting THATMuse focusing on Fun & Games in Museums. We’re honored that the BM is featuring “The Art of Play: A Treasure Hunt Challenge” as part of their Friday night BM/PMs series, from 6:15-8:15 pm on Friday 11 September 2015. Registration is through the British Museum website, for 5£.

This soft-launch of THATMuse is open to the general public, come one, come all to scout out Fun & Games at the venerable British Museum! As with all of our public hunts, you’re welcomed to sign up without a partner (& will be placed in a team of 4) or as a team through the above link.

RULES are straight-forward: to find as many pieces of treasure within the given amount of time, photographing your team in front of each treasure as proof that you’ve found it (& stuck together as a team!). We’ll tally scores over a drink in the BM’s Clore Education Center before the prize giving ceremony!

TOOLS are few: a keen sense of curiosity, freshly charged batteries and comfy shoes!

In anticipation I’ll be posting photos of the British Museum and its surrounding Bloomsbury neighborhood on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as possibly dropping some THATMuse hints, so feel free to connect on any of the platforms.

British Museum Ceiling
Apparently there are 3,320 panes of glass in this glorious ceiling, as I learned in Yannick Pucci’s (of London Unravelled) BM Highlights tour!

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Daisy and Storsh at the British Museum Lion