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To continue on the THATLou @ #MuseumCo post addressing Museums, Social Media & DEMOCRATISING ART, today I’m imparting some Sree Sreenivasan-wisdom, passed along at a recent workshop.
Sree Sreenivasan

In line with being accessible, Sree glossed over his bio (21 yrs teaching at Columbia Journalism School before recently becoming the Met’s Chief Digital Officer — a post created for him & with a staff of 70 (which floored me), American immigrant, father of twins) before jumping into the grit of his 2.5 hour talk. He prodded us to network among ourselves as well as encouraging us to reach out from the room to tweet strangers (his wife Roopa, Nicholas Kristof of the NY Times, Thomas Campbell director of The Met, to name a few).

The workshop – hosted last-minute by Helene Allaire of l’Etudiant – consisted of Museumers (The Louvres Nick Melissano & Elise Maillard, Buzzeum’s Diane Drubay, the Carnavelet & Palais du Tokyo), State Department Americans (US Embassy’s Kim Baker Sassi (a #SreeGroupie since 1995) & Damien Bertrand), Paris Tourist Board trendsetter Elodie Berta (Elodie’s Paris), journalists (France24’s Catherine Viette), academics (La Sorbonne’s Bryan Pirolli) & bloggers (Out and About in Paris, Colleen’s Paris, Pret-A-Voyager).

Metropolitan Museum of Art webpage
Sree said the Met needs to improve its Weibo numbers, for a Chinese social media presence

Sree embodied his message by being a succinct, accessible story-teller. My class notes:

·         The workshop was FREE as Sree capped in his tweet announcing it. He pointed out that on your 140 character tweets CAP what’s catchy.
·         Someone in the audience grumbled about how we were doing his work by hashtagging #SreeParis to all these people he was getting us to network with. Sree gently rebutted that you get what you pay for, reinforcing his FREE point. Loved it.
·         Influence is More Important than Numbers (Mar Dixon – the fantabulous subject of the last post in this trilogy – is an example: she’s the 5th most influential museumer — one lady is more influential than the Prado, V&A, National Gallery (London & DC), Smithsonian, Guggenheim, etc)
·         Apparently the hardest part of creating the Met’s App was (cleverly named 82nd & 5th, their address, for 80 seconds) getting their approval to put the “Start Here” button on the painting of George Washington. Cleverly that “Start Here” badge has a huge sticker on the Grand Hall lobby floor. The App doesn’t include the whole museum, but just covers 100 objects with curators speaking for a record 2-minutes (such brevity’s tricky for curators).