Tonight? THATd’Or

Musée d’Orsay at night
Musée d’Orsay at night, taken from

Dear Night Hunters!

Kristina Tencic, of the AFMO’s AVANT Garde, and I are pleased as punch that tonight’s THATd’Or is finally here. Time will be tight tomorrow (the sound track of Mission Impossible may be beating to your movements for the night), so I’m posting a quick run-down of the evening:

·         We’ll meet promptly at 7.45 pm. Once everyone’s gathered we’ll use the museum’s private entrance (The AFMO’s special entrance… Become a member and you’ll become familiar with it!)
·         After everyone’s inside we’ll check our coats (please remember to wear comfortable shoes)
·         As soon as you’ve checked your coats we’ll reconvene here, in front of the Statue of Liberty* where we’ll be welcomed and I’ll hand out the hunts and review the rules one more time.

AFMO Statue of Liberty Prototype
The AFMO-cleaned Statue of Liberty prototype, by Auguste Bartholdi

·         We’ll need to synchonise our clocks and agree to the finishing point and time (probably 9.30 pm back at the coat check – so take mental note of where this is!)
·         Then divided up in our teams you’ll have 10 or 15 minutes to strategise as a team and then at the appointed time off you’ll set (ideally by 8.10 pm)
·         Kristina and I will be wandering about, drinking up the lovely treasure as well as keeping an eye open for any possible cheaters (so beware! No running, no separating, no external help (iPhones, guards, tourists-in-the-know)…

rue Verneuil
rue Verneuil, Gainsbourg’s house, taken from Wikipedia

– Once we’ve regrouped we’ll have a bit of fresh air, en route to Le Petit Jacob (passing Serge Gainsbourg’s house on rue Verneuil, along the way).

La Petit Jacob
Le Petit Jacob, the back’s reserved for our prize-giving ceremony

– Madame Claude Million will welcome us to her Le Petit Jacob where we’ll have a glass of Bio wine while we meet the competition, tally our scores and have the prize-giving ceremony! For those of you who need to make plans after the night’s event, Le Petit Jacob is at 40 rue Jacob, facing rue Benoit. Closest metros are St Germain des Prés (line 4) or Mabillon (line 10).

La Petit Jacob
Le Petit Jacob, 40 rue Jacob 75006 Paris

And of course, to get to the Musée d’Orsay take line 12 to Soférino. Apart from being south of the Seine and in an entirely different space, this hunt is obviously different from any THATLous on a basic level. That said, the answer to all the knowledge-based bonus questions can be found within the hunt – it’s just a matter of your team playing to its strengths (who’s good at navigating maps, who’s good at reading fine print, who’s visually-oriented to scan a room for your delicious treasure?).

Alrighty then, Happy Hunting