Gourmanding Giants

Susan Feess, Wan Yan + Tara Byrne posing as 17th Century Dutch ‘Smokers + Drinkers’ above
Food Louvers Susan Feess, Wan Yan + Tara Byrne posing as 17th Century Dutch ‘Smokers + Drinkers’ above, photo by James Feess

Creativity was abounding while the Foodies in France went Treasure Hunting. There were three separate prizes — well, really there was only one special prize, which was a delectable gift certificate to Alisa Morov’s Sweet Pea Baking (and that went to the team who actually won the hunt), but there were three honourable, peerless, shall we call them inimitable categories of excellence and with each category creativity was abounding! While they were off gathering their treasure, each of the 7 teams thought of names for themselves (as listed below), additionally there was a twitter prize (which brought about some of the funniest tweets I’ve ever come across, thanks to Erin Czarra) and lastly, if you  happened to go for the above Simon de Vos 17th Century Smokers and Drinkers painting, hefty bonus points were given you for a limerick on the subject of debauchery.

Perfectly Sweet Paris posing in front of 15th C Italian Bacchanalian Ewers
Perfectly Sweet Paris posing drunken for da big bonus points in front of 15th C Italian Bacchanalian Ewers

The second prize was for the team with the most creative name. This was voted  democratically during our delish and debauched Tuileries picnic, with one of the two lovely Sweet Peas, Margaux, tallying the score:

Drunken Foodgasm – The team who won the tweet prize, due to their brilliant Cat + Mouse, cloak + dagger creativity. Penned so to speak by Erin Czarra of EC in Paris, Drunken Foodgasm partners-in-crime were Sarah Ouadah + Hélène Guinaudeau. They won Louvre Pens to balance their tweeting prowess — and exercise their hand muscles opposed to their phone tapping abilities!

Food Louvers – winners of the Team Name Prize (a Delacroix puzzle). With their photo above and their limerick below, a warm congrats to Tara Byrne and Wan Yan, of Cook’N With Class, and James and Susan Feess, of Feels Like Home in Paris

Four Graces (who won the actual Food + Wine THATLou, so they get a whole paragraph below).

Gorgon Girls – in direct reference to the Gorgon post, their guess for the bonus points was noble as they guessed the question was related to the myth of Medusa and her immortal Gorgon sisters. The GGs contributed a great limerick, as well (which sadly I neglected to copy in the dark of the picnic). A big congrats to Randa Akhras, Cori McAfee and Aimee Holmes

Louvre Lushes – One of two 5-person teams (the larger the team the harder to navigate), the Lushes did admirably with the Norman co-hosts Jenny Beaumont and Jennifer Greco, of Chez Loulou France, joined by Lindsey Tramuta of Lost in Cheeseland, Christi Garcia and Jane whose Marais cooking school La Cuisine Paris overlooks the banks of the Seine.

Perfectly Sweet Paris – Their adorable name was coined in an April Kids THATLou, when masterminds Gail Boisclair (of Perfectly Paris) + Alisa Morov (of Sweet Pea Baking) joined forces with their daughters. Sweet Peas Maia + Margaux were back, but one small tweak was Xavier Macarrilla replaced Yasmin, Gail’s cheshire-cat smiling daughter (as seen here).

Smoking Monkeys and The Old Masters – whose team consisted of Abby Gordon of Paris Weekender, Steve Rhinds of Bear With a Wooden Spoon and Adele Maze, who’s visiting Paris for 5 weeks.  Their name got a good chortle to our votes

Hélène Guinaudeau, Erin Czarra + Sarah Ouadah
Drunken Foodgasm, Winners of the most creative (+ plentiful) tweets, who claimed they’d be dreaming of Greek pots all night. Hélène Guinaudeau, Erin Czarra + Sarah Ouadah

The following debauched limericks were written on the go:

Team Perfectly Sweet Paris
There once were some guys who were Dutch
And we knew that they drank way too much!
Debauchery is fine
and can boggle the mind
as long as you don’t go home with a crutch.

The Food Louvers:

There once was a dame called Delia,
Debauched and divine
She swigged lots of wine
Then picked up a dude
who liked all her moves
And gave her a spin in the Louvre!

Margaux, Maia, Xavier Macarrilla and Gail Boisclair
Perfectly Sweet Paris’s Margaux, Maia, Xavier Macarrilla and Gail Boisclair, racking up bonus pts by capturing all 4 corners of a mammoth Fr Feasting painting

Last but not least, a huge congratulations to the Four Graces whose score broke the THATMuse record! Their secret weapon was La Belle in France‘s Stephanie Elle, whose art history degree (and current art business masters) paid off in navigating the Graces through 65,000m of Louvre. Another of the Graces Margaux Beaulieu, was no doubt quick to pick up bonus points as she’s been helping THATMuse out this summer (Margaux’s opinions + advice are bar-none what run the company. I will be very happy for her when she lands the perfect Event Planning job (please be in touch if you know of an opening), but when this happens THATMuse’s productivity will be enormously depleted). Then there was a glamourous Nordic half of the Graces representing 7 Jades.

Chez Loulou‘s gorgeous night shot of the Louvre, taken from our delicious Foodies in France picnic on the grass of the Tuileries